About the Best Year Ever

   The Best Year Ever was designed to help anyone and everyone approach life change in a steady, reliable, and effective way. People who take this challenge should expect to find that making small and achievable incremental changes to their habits can really add up fast and will lead to significant and sustainable progress in their lives.

   Look, there’s a great reason the story of “The Tortoise and the Hare” has stood the test of time. Surprisingly enough, when it comes to changing your habits, “slow and steady wins the race” turns out to be the quickest way to cross the finish line with very few exceptions. Nearly any useful skill we’ve acquired was accrued by putting one foot in front of the other. (This precept describes our playful motto, Turtle Up!)

   For example, consider how you learned to read. Did your teacher start off by encouraging his or her illiterate students to copy the habits of the World’s most effective readers, or to begin by reading three to four long and complex books a week? Not at all! Your teacher likely guided you down a steady and incremental path like the Tortoise from the “Tortoise and the Hare”. You were taught to draw one letter at a time, the sounds they made, and a song to help you remember all 26 characters. This approach seems obvious but, sadly when we become autonomous adults and are left to our own devices, we stop applying this approach to health and wellness decisions. We often don’t act until we fall so far behind that we try to make big sweeping changes to fix everything wrong all at once. Though we are well intentioned, we fail because we burst out of the gate like the Hare, too often finding that we haven’t yet acquired the skills or built up the stamina to keep up that pace.

   New Year’s resolutions are a great example of this cycle. The data is frightening. Statistics show that after only one month, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail. Even worse, only 8% of people manage to keep them for the entire year. This pattern may be most clearly demonstrated by the large number of new gym memberships that occur in the first month of every new year. “I’m getting into shape this year!” quickly descends into, “My body hurts, I’m going to skip a day" or "I’ll wait until to tomorrow.” But according to statistics, “tomorrow” will never come for four out of five people who enroll in gym memberships in January.

   Here’s the worst of it. Taking this approach to improving your life is likely to leave you worse off than you started. Why? Sadly, after a number of failed commitments and resolutions, people begin to distrust themselves even when they are dead serious and well-intentioned about following through on their plans to improve. It’s not uncommon for people to throw out the idea of making resolutions altogether so they won’t have to deal with the disappointment of letting themselves down year after year.

Breaking the Failed Resolution Cycle

   Great news: you don’t have to be the Hare in your own story! We’ve designed a year long campaign to help you pace yourself and to cross the finish line like a champ as you incrementally gain sustainable ground towards your goals. Also the Best Year Ever Challenge 2019 will help you build and restore trust and confidence in yourself as, over time, you are able to follow through on a series of doable but meaningful challenges. Step by step you will gain new skills through this time-honored approach, and you will learn new and important things about yourself with every new challenge.

It Might Not Be as Hard as You Think

   Here’s something to keep in the back of your head: Did you know that you can improve your wellness in many ways that require almost no discipline or added time commitments? Sometimes, major improvements can be made by simply ditching a toxic product or practice for a more trustworthy one. We call this “Ditch and Switch”. Newcomers and veterans to healthier living will likely find that they have months worth of life hacks that require virtually no added time or work, but will still have a major impact on their lives. We’ve acquired an extensive list of these ideas and have included them at the end of this document.

Best Year Ever Challenge 2019 Details

So what is the challenge? It’s so simple we can sum it up in one sentence.

Every week, choose something that you should do, in a measure that you could do for an entire year to improve your life.

   That’s it. Every week you will find a new practice, habit or perhaps something to cutback on. Something small so that following through on it will be simple and easy, but something important enough that it feels meaningful. It doesn’t have to be a big change, but it should be something that will add up over time. Take a moment to imagine that by the end of 2019, you took 52 small steps towards a better you and stuck with them. That’s why we’re calling this the Best Year Ever. We really believe that you will get further along this year than you ever have before if you join us for this challenge.

If you want to learn more about how and why this approach works, read the section titled “Why this Approach Works” just before the FAQ’s, located at the bottom of this page.

Next, your Insurance to Win

How can you increase your chances of following through?

   It's important that we never underestimate our own ability to burn out, breakdown or get bored. As easy as this plan may seem, there are some simple added steps we can take to insure that we will stick with it and run the race well. Here are a few things we are providing to help you "turtle up"!

Get Inspired - Join the Best Year Ever Challenge 2019 group on Facebook and Instagram - Access our list of Add-ons, Cutbacks and Ditch-and-Switches suggestions. (Click on highlighted title below).

“Add-ons, Cutbacks and Ditch-and-Switches”
A Guide to discovering your own life hacks and ideas for weekly challenges

- Gain early access to our weekly Best Year Ever Podcast

This will help you learn to tell yourself a better story about personal wellness and reinforce the benefits of the new habits you are forming. Added benefit: Access to some really smart ideas for your weekly challenges

Gain Momentum - Form a posse of friends and family to take the challenge with you - Share what you are learning and what you’ve learned with each other - Catch up with each other weekly (online, text, in person etc) - Keep it upbeat and positive

We are better together. It will increase your chances of success to have familiar people with you on your journey to encourage and who can also encourage you in return. Added Benefit: Healthier friends and family are better friends and family :)

Go Public and Win - Post your personal challenge every week - Use the hashtag #TurtleUp2019 and qualify to win weekly and monthly giveaways

It can be extremely helpful to leverage the positive side of social accountability, not to mention that you may inspire others as they see you stick with your challenges. Added benefit: free stuff is always a great incentive to stay the course.

How to qualify for the Giveaways

   It’s easy. Towards the beginning of each new week, post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter what your personal Best Year Ever Challenge will be for that week and use the #TurtleUp2019 hashtag. At the end of the week (Saturday), we will draw a winner. If you want extra credit, over the weekend post a follow up post or comment under your original Monday post about how your week went and what you’ve learned as a result of this weekly challenge.

How to Choose Your Weekly Challenge
Here are a couple of important guidelines when choosing your weekly challenge:

1.  Keep it simple and easy. The idea needs to be something you know you can keep doing for an entire year. Remember, if it doesn’t feel challenging enough over time or becomes too easy, you can always kick things up a notch this week or in the future.
2. Make sure it is something important. If you choose something that won’t actually make an impact over time, you’ve aimed too low. Ask yourself, “After a month or so of keeping this challenge, will I feel at least a small sense of accomplishment." Make sure the new habit is meaningful.
3. Set aside a monthly Hall Pass. Once a month, if you choose something that isn't working for you, give yourself permission to drop that weekly challenge. This will help you avoid the feeling that the challenge is too restrictive and alleviate the fear of trying new things. By all means, don’t use a Hall Pass if you don’t have to do so. But even if you have to use a pass every month, (and you still manage to keep going on all of the other challenges you make) that will still be 42 new positive things you’ve done for your personal wellness. And that’s amazing!
4. Take “Get Inspired, Gain Momentum and Go Public” very seriously. Although the campaign is simple, self-explanatory and takes only a minimal commitment to achieve big results, these are important components to insuring that you stick with it for the entire year. People should not underestimate their ability to distract themselves from good change no matter how easy the challenge seems.
5. Time is a consideration. If you choose too many new habits that require moderate to large time commitments, it will add up fast. Make sure that your weekly challenges are a healthy balance of cutbacks and ditch-and-switches (explained below) as well as additions to your routine.

Need Challenge Ideas? Continuing Wellness Education?

If you're looking for some helpful thoughts when it comes to rounding out your challenges, we’ve provided an extensive (but not exhaustive) list of Add-ons, Cutbacks and Ditch-and-Switches. A Guide to discovering your own life hacks and ideas for weekly challenges.


On top of that, we would highly recommend watching our team video the Best Year Ever 2019. This is  where we talk about the first few challenges we are taking on ourselves. The video includes both guys and gals and it should help you build the framework for the size and scope of what a weekly challenge of your own might look like. It can be found at our Best Year Ever Youtube account. See it here!

   Also, our weekly Podcast will be focused around the 8 Dimensions of Wellness: Physical, Emotional, Occupational, Social, Environmental, Financial, Spiritual and Intellectual. Tune in as we share stories and ideas for weekly challenges based around these 8 dimensions.

Final Thoughts

   Lastly, we see this as a great opportunity to introduce you to the health and wellness company we trust and love, Young Living Essential Oils. In a nutshell, think of Young Living as your one-stop-shop for all things Healthy and Pure. Many of our suggestions will feature a Young Living product to use or assist you on your journey. This does not mean that Young Living products are required for you to participate. We do however hope that you will give something a try because we know they will make your Challenge easier with more noticeable results. It’s very likely that you know or were invited by a Myrrhmaid (Kate DeGraide or someone in her organization) to do this challenge. Talk to them to find out how to order or try something out. If not, drop us a message- we're more than happy to help out. Thank you for your time and for joining us. We are extremely excited to do this with you. We really believe that this could be your best year ever!

Additional Resources and Information

Why this Approach Works

   The Best Year Ever Weekly Challenge approach works because it takes your inner conflicting impulses into consideration and gives you a plan to leave them both satisfied. We all have that voice inside that is always trying to talk us into self indulgence and inactivity. Sometimes, that voice wins out because it's always easier to do nothing or something indulgent than it is to do something hard or something that requires restraint.
   This apathetic voice is not alone however. It has a nemesis. It is a voice that is reminding us that we are not doing enough, that we are falling short and tries to influence us to implement unrealistic plans to improve. It drives us like a drill sergeant and often comes across as highly critical and tyrannical.
   If we are trying to be objective, these aspects of our thinking may seem absurd, but in reality, they both have their points. The first one realizes correctly that we are creatures of limited resources. We only have so much time and energy during a day and our attention span doesn’t last forever. The second realizes that if we listen solely to the other voice, our lives will likely be ruined and meaningless.
   The error is made when we only listen to one voice at a time. The simple secret of the Best Year Ever strategy is that it strengthens your will as you learn to negotiate with both sides of your habit-forming nature. You are the one who mediates between these two conflicting impulses and this year, that “you” is going to get stronger and wiser. Your weekly challenges should appease both parties. It shouldn’t be so hard that your self indulgent voice is constantly battling you to stop, but it has to be meaningful enough that your inner drill sergeant can see how doing this new and easy thing will really add up to something good over time. When both parties are reasonably happy, progress can be made without unhelpful and unrealistic resistance. Stick with it and you will find that you will gain momentum and eventually make progress in your life faster and more reliably than you could have imagined to be possible.


Can I join the challenge after January?
Yes. The challenge is running all year. Although this campaign is framed around the idea of changing up and improving your New Year’s Resolution strategy, it is really designed to be a life long approach to wellness. It doesn’t matter if you start in January or November. Whenever it is, the best idea is to start now. Plus, you can immediately qualify to win the giveaways.

Are there restrictions to participating?
No. You don’t have to be a Myrrhmaid or a Young Living member to participate. Its free to all.

Do I have to use Young Living products to take the challenge?
No. But we are really hoping that you would consider it. XOXOXO

Will everyone be doing the same things every week?
No. Although we have a list of suggestions, you will set and determine your own weekly challenges. This is one of the things we love most about the Best Year Ever Challenge. At the end of the year, the plan and path taken to become a healthier you was all your own. The approach was time honored, but the decisions were yours.

I don’t have Facebook, can I still participate?
To qualify for the giveaways, you will have to be on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and use the #TurtleUp2019 hashtag on your weekly challenge post. If you are not on social media at all, you won’t be able to win the giveaways but you can of course still take the Best Year Ever Challenge.

What are the rules for the Best Year Ever Facebook and Instagram group?
Since the Best Year Ever Challenge campaign and giveaways are being financed by Kate and Neil’s personal business, they’ve asked that no one solicit their products or services in the group. Doing so will likely get your comments deleted and you could potentially even be removed from the group.

Best Year Ever Facebook Group | Best Year Ever Instagram

I’ve heard that the FDA has rules in regards to compliantly talking about all natural products. How will that affect our posts or the group?
It’s likely that you weren't even asking this question but we thought it would be helpful to include it nonetheless. If you post a comment in the group or on Instagram that we feel doesn’t jive with FDA regulations, don’t sweat it. We'll remove the comment and send you a message with a link that simply explains their guidelines so you will know what to do in the future. Also, we will have videos and resources available on how to talk about natural products in a way that is compliant with FDA guidelines. The guidelines are relatively straight forward. Easy peasy!

Where can I find the list of ideas and and products to try?

Viewable and Printable document | https://docs.google.com/document/d/12O8UHHsFY5exxfXhAs2bUETXWTCMOMyVcjsVCKQauHg/edit?usp=sharing

Shareable blog | http://www.myrrhmaids.com/blog-1/add-ons-cutbacks-and-ditch-and-switches

Team Video | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXCGSu8Iv5M

BYE Challenge tracking printable }| http://www.myrrhmaids.com/blog-1/2019/1/2/best-year-ever-challenge-tracking-printables