Add-ons, Cutbacks and Ditch-and-Switches

“A Guide to discovering your own life hacks and ideas for weekly challenges”



Adding a Positive Habit or Practice

   Do you have a running wish list of ways your life could improve, or things you should personally change to become a better version of yourself? Have you ever tried to get there by trying to make the big change all at once and then ran out of steam before you ever crossed the finish line? The Best Year Ever Challenge is the perfect time for you to dare once again to aim for those big goals but to achieve them by taking small, incremental steps.

Here are a few recommendations when adding a new habit or practice.

Time is a factor:
Don’t overbook yourself. Time adds up fast. Suggestion: Be smart and find a corresponding bad habit that takes up a similar amount of time, and cut back on it.

Aim high (Yearly Goals), Move slowly (Weekly Challenges):
It’s better to set a challenge that was too easy and win, than to set a challenge that will stress you out or set you back if you fail. If the challenge turns out to be too small, ramp it up until it feels appropriately challenging or plan to increase it incrementally throughout the year.

Add-Ons (Ideas)
Here is a non-exhaustive list of potential add-ons to help expand your thinking.

* Add exercise - (Strength, Flexibility and Cardio)
* Meditation/Pray more
* Learn or Practice a musical instrument
* Schedule reading time, or set minimum amount of reading per week
* Increase home cleanliness and organizational standards and practices
* Occupational education and Improvements to existing job skills
* Intentional Social time / Date nights / One-on-Ones
* Dietary Add ons (Probiotics, Water Intake, Vitamins, Supplements)
* Volunteer Work
* Intentional family time / Family games
* Take up a new Hobby or Sport
* TED Talks, Podcasts and YouTube for self education
* Drive the speed limit (Trust me, it's a time add-on)
* Be intentionally encouraging - Plan it
* Plan a weekly creative activity
* Board Games
* Save money and time for travel
* Start journaling
* Memorization
* and more….


Cutting a Bad Habit or Practice

   We all have things that we know that we need to cut back. But be smart: many bad habits can be dialed down incrementally, and not everything needs to be done all at once. Anytime you are cutting back on something, try to find a positive habit to fill that time. The antidote to vice is virtue. Don’t just quit a bad habit or practice and leave a void in its place. For every cutback, consider adding something positive you could do instead to occupy that time.

Special Note: Some issues are too serious to take on incrementally on your own. If you are having a serious struggle with substance abuse or mental health issues, please seek professional help.

Cutback (Ideas)
Here is a non-exhaustive list of potential cutbacks you might want to consider. Not everything on this list is a problem for everyone because people vary in their personal tolerances and convictions.

* Set limits for Smartphone time
* Reduce checking phone at inappropriate times (Dinner, Meetings, Church,…)
* Reduce Social Media time (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc…)
* No texting and driving
* Reduce TV/Streaming/Video Gaming
* Reduce News Media intake (Especially for anxiety)
* Plan to eliminate Yellow Journalism/Gossip/Mindless entertainment
* Reduce and eliminate gossiping (Set some speech standards)
* Set stronger standards for showing up on time (Plan to become punctual)
* Cut Sugar/Carbs/Candy
* Reduce Snacking/Late night eating
* Limit processed food and or fast food intake
* Reduce alcohol intake (if you think you may be an alcoholic, please get professional help)
* Go to bed earlier/Wake up earlier
* Reduce sedentary time
* Reduce credit card spending
* Cut wasteful spending
* Cutdown on emotional shopping and purchases (Start by setting limits)
* Institute bad language standards (When, What and Where)

Replacing a bad product with a healthy one

   We’ve always heard that “Prevention is the best medicine”. Though this axiom still holds true, the things we should avoid putting into our bodies and our environment are not always as obvious as one might think. The sad truth is that our laws in America surrounding toxic chemicals are outdated and, in too many situations, do not protect us.  The products we buy in stores contain thousands of chemicals that are not safe for humans or animals. Even worse, this also includes many products labeled “Green” and “Natural” as well.
   The average American will be exposed to 100’s of these chemicals before they even leave their bathroom in the morning. Our bodies are designed to handle environmental toxins but cannot handle the never-ending toxic load from all our personal care products, makeup, and synthetic fragrances. Our bodies give us clues to toxic overload in the form of headaches, rashes, allergies, fatigue and brain fog, hormone and fertility problems, and bigger issues like autoimmune disease and cancer. Getting rid of as many toxins as possible is the easiest and most important step on the way to improved health.   

Good News: Sometimes simply ditching a toxic product and switching them out for something truly whole, green and healthful is the best place to start. We’ve listed a few of our most trusted, top quality, pure and natural products on the market to help you get started.

Health and Fitness
* Slique  (Weight Management System)
* Ningxia Red (antioxidant drink)
* Life 9 Probiotic
* Essentialzymes (digestive enzymes)
* Sulfurzyme (MSM supplement)
* Omegagize (fish oil/omega-3 supplement)
* Multigreens
* MightyPro (kids probiotic)
* Mightyvites (kids multivitamin)
* PureProtein Complete (protein powder)
* Agilease (collagen and joint support)
* Cool Azul Pain Cream
* Thieves Cough Drops
* and more…

Home and Office
* Thieves Line -
              Foaming Hand Soap
              Household Cleaner Concentrate
              Dish Washing Powder
              Fruit & Vegetable Wash
              Laundry Soap
              Cleaning Kit    
* Diffusers
* Essential Oils   
* Healthy pots and pans
* and more…

Personal Care / Outdoors
* Thieves Toothpaste
* Fresh Essence Mouthwash
* Deodorant
* Thieves Hand Purifier
* Lavender Bath and Shower Gel
* Shutran Men’s 3 in 1 Shower gel/Beard Oil/Shaving Cream/Aftershave lotion
* Kidscents Shampoo/Conditioner
* Seedlings Baby Wipes
* Sunscreen
* Bug Repellent
* and more...

* Essential Oils- Lavender, Frankincense, Copaiba, Sensation
* Savvy Minerals Makeup
* ART Trio skincare system (normal or aging skin)
* Orange Blossom skin care line (oily or trouble skin)
* Mirah Shave Oil, Hair Oil, and Cleansing Oil
* Deodorant
* Wolfberry Eye Cream
* Boswellia Wrinkle Cream
* CelLite Magic massage oil
* Sensation massage oil, lotion, and bath/shower gel
* Seedlings Baby wipes
* Seedlings Diaper Rash cream- (under-eye circles)

Swap out those toxic scented candles, air fresheners, perfumes & clothes fresheners and start diffusing, using & wearing essential oils.

Some places to start:
* Essential Oil Starter Kit (Get 11 everyday oils to explore at half the retail price)
* Diffusers
* Thieves EO Blend
* Lemon EO
* Orange EO Blend
* Purification EO Blend
* Christmas Spirit EO Blend
* Citrus Fresh
* Lavender
* Cedarwood
* and more...

   Finally, Young Living offers a number of Starter Kits to give you a big jumpstart in the right direction in any of these categories at a value. Talk to your oily friend (or Myrrhmaid) who invited you to take the Best Year Ever Challenge 2019 to learn more about the kits or anything that’s caught your interest.

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