Myrrhmaids Tales: Kimber's birth story

Let's be birth, no matter how it happens, is so beautiful, but it sure isn't easy! That's why anything we can do to soothe the discomfort is such a blessing.  I was so thankful for my essential oils and Young Living products when I welcomed my son into the world last month.  He is my third child, but my first oily birthing experience.  And I can say that although it was my longest labor, it was also the smoothest thanks to wonderful coping tools, including my oils.  

It's also worth mentioning that a positive birth experience doesn't happen based just on what is done that day.  It is so important to prepare for the birth throughout your entire pregnancy.  Educating yourself, eating well, and exercising all help to prepare your body.  To read about essential oils that are great to use during pregnancy, check out Rebecca's experience here.

Here I'll share about what I packed in my birth bag for the big day:

NingXia Red Packets: I took NingXia Red throughout my whole pregnancy and found that it was great for my energy and it provided amazing nutrition.  The packets are so easy to toss in a bag when on-the-go, and I wanted them on hand in case I needed a boost during labor.  They were also perfect for after my baby's arrival, because that is a time when I wanted to be flooding my body with nutrients as I began to recover.  

Diffuser: I took my trusty Home Diffuser along with me to the birth center so that I could create a relaxing environment and make myself feel more at home.

Peace & Calming (or Peace & Calming II): This blend of Tangerine, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Blue Tansy is soft and calming.  In the early stages of labor I applied it to my wrists, which is not only a great place for it to be absorbed, but it also allowed me to deeply inhale it as I leaned over and placed my head near my forearms to cope with each contraction.  When things started to get serious, Peace & Calming went into my diffuser, both at home and at the birth center. Finding an essential oil that will calm and relax each individual varies, so find what you enjoy during pregnancy, and plan to use it during birth.  

PanAway: I have unfortunately always had back labor, and knew I need a lot of help coping with this.  My husband and doula massaged my back and hips with diluted PanAway, along with a lot of hip compressions. It was still a major struggle, but I was able to deal with it better this time thanks to PanAway.  It also came in handy on my thighs, which were screaming near the end due to the positions I labored in.

Peppermint: My labor began on a Saturday night and ended on a Monday morning, so it was a long process.  A long, tiring process.  When I became exhausted but it wasn't the time to rest, I inhaled peppermint and turned up the jams to keep me going.  I also inhaled peppermint during transition when nausea hit me.  

Valor (or Valor II): Oh how I love Valor! We alternated applying this and the PanAway on my legs, hips, and back because Valor helps to relieve tension in the muscles.  Tensing your body up during labor increases the pain of the contraction, while relaxing your muscles helps your body to work with the contraction.  We also added Valor to the birthing tub during transition to help promote confidence as I hit that "I can't do this anymore" phase.

Tranquil Roll-On: After giving birth the mother has usually been up for a long period of time, and as she switches modes to caring for her new bundle of joy, not much rest is in sight.  Once all had settled, I was cleaned up, and my little guy had nursed non-stop, I took advantage of any quiet moments I could and rolled Tranquil on my wrists and the back of my neck to help me catch some much needed sleep.

Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier: This was on my bedside table at all times. We all want clean hands around our brand new baby! The Thieves Purifier was so convenient for my husband and I after diaper changes, and we made sure to offer it to visitors before allowing them to hold our baby.  It is free of chemicals, moisturizes the skin rather than drying it out, and smells awesome!

So there you have it, these are the top oils that helped make bringing my little boy into the world a great experience!

-Kimber (#2945577)