Myrrhmaids Sighting: Kimber Brownlee

Hi, my name is Kimber Brownlee, and I am an essential oil lover. I'm married to Kristopher Brownlee and he was an essential oil skeptic. See, like most couples, Kris and I have many differences. Many we've used to better each other, like how he's taught me to relax and I've taught him how to budget. For other differences, we just let each other do our own thing, or believe it or not, we butt heads! For awhile, essential oils fell in the latter category. 

I've been into natural health and fitness for a long time. Three years ago I got really serious about cooking almost all my food from scratch and removing toxins from my home. Kris really enjoyed the food change, but the rest left him shaking his head at times. "You want me to get rid of what?! What's wrong with this?! I'm supposed to use these instead?!" He's been a really good sport, but he hasn't caught the passion for a natural lifestyle like I have. 

So when I dove head first into essential oils last year, he quietly watched while I did my "crazy" thing. He was used to this kind of stuff. I mean, he's seen me brew my own kombucha, so nothing surprises him anymore! I got busy whipping up products in the kitchen, chasing the kids with roller bottle blends, and strategically placing diffusers throughout the house. My answer to everything was "I have an oil for that!" 

So, as you can imagine, I was hurt when Kris didn't have any enthusiasm for essential oils. Why couldn't he see how wonderful they were?! I wanted him to experience their health benefits, just like the kids and I were. 

Then, slowly, it happened. Bottles of my oils began disappearing. I noticed him carrying the Breathe Again roller everywhere he went. He was voluntarily using my homemade deodorant, mouthwash, and lotion. He actually started asking me to apply oils to him. Oh, my heart fluttered! 

How did this change happen? The bottom line is that Kris needed time and he needed to observe oils working for others first. Look forward to a follow-up post where I share thoughts on helping people transition to natural ways, but until then, I'll leave you with an interview with my sweet hubby, so you can get his point-of-view: 

What's it like being married to an oil lover? 

Being married to a "oil lover" was not something I was thrilled about at first. I've seen it before, something my wife is hooked on and the family has to go through it too... Greeeaattt! 

But after time, I've come to know and respect it more... and I think with further education and experiences, I might even love oils. 

How has your view of essential oils changed? 

Overall, I've seen how passionate my wife has been, which has made me be open to trying them more. I think the biggest win was the magical work they did on my sinuses (Kris is referring to this technique: Also, after trying everything to get good sleep, the love of my life whipped up a concoction, and BOOM, brother actually gets mad sleep! So that equaled big respect. (Kris is referring to a diffuser blend of 3 drops each of frankincense, lavender, and cedarwood, SleepEssence capsules, and the Rutavala Roll On. He's a night shifter, so we went big!) 

So now when my wife goes on about these "magical oils" (as I like to call them) I'm game to actually listen, instead of doing the auto head nod and saying "", while not really caring. 

What is your favorite oil? 

I like the ones that do work on my sinuses & knock a bruh bruh out. But if I had to name one that I can recall, the classic peppermint is my go-to. 

What would you like to tell those who are skeptical of trying essential oils? 

Simply put, try them! Not just for a day or a couple of days. Give them some time to become part of your routine. When I first started the sinus technique I thought nothing was happening. But after a week of doing it I noticed a HUGE difference. Then I stopped for a bit and it was clear that it had been working! 

Just give them a shot. Coming from a manly man (at least I feel I'm one), they work! 

So there you have it, words of wisdom from an ex-oil skeptic. And possible oil lover.

-Kimber (#2945577)